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Memories Not Included

My husband exclaimed today, as it began to drizzle outside, “I’m gonna compose a song for you for our anniversary!” (A prospect which, by the way, is hilarious.)

My response? “Well, not in here. I’m listening to my Bleeding Vag Pandora station.” (Maybe that wasn’t the most appreciative answer, but it was blurted out before I gave it thought.)

He scooped up a guitar and said, “It’s cool, I’ll go to the BirdRoom… it gives me inspiration.” (I did end up following him eventually. Perhaps guilt was a factor.)

The BirdRoom is my whimsical escape, being the culmination of my ‘hope chest’ tendency and the result of a small obsession with the Avian kind. Continue reading

Vase of Base

I have a serious passion for inexpensive but interesting glassware and pottery.

Colored glass? Yes please.

Vibrant pottery? I’ll take it.

But after trying to find a place for my, I dunno, hundredth (?) ‘had to have it’ vase-type item, I realized that interior decorating should be less about displaying clutter, and more about beautiful functionality.  In an effort to break myself of the tendency to simply collect and display pieces, I began focusing on finding a function for those interesting but useless beauties that I had acquired. This shift in mentality awoke me from an apparent stupor, during which I had managed to transform my entire house into an unusually large hope chest.

In essence, I saw the sign. Continue reading

Handmade Basket from a Different Vine

Every few weeks we spend a night or two at our family mountain home. Although only 70-odd miles from our home in the foothills, when there, it feels like a world away.

We use our time there to recuperate; we spend most of our time there either bird-watching in a rocker on the wrap-around, or exploring the grounds.

Exploring presents a wonderful opportunity to gather materials for upcoming projects, and to scout out new possible mediums with which to work. While exploring, I’m always on the lookout for fallen limbs or dead saplings to use as sticks for paper flower stems, as well as for expired vines to use as the makings for baskets.

The handful of baskets that I’ve made up to this point have mainly been comprised of Muscadine vine and green sweetgum limbs, but this on this last trip I ran across and gathered new potential material.

Meet Mr. Wisteria’s limbs. Continue reading

Wedding Cake? Let Them Eat Pie!

Wedding cakes are absurdly expensive, and often times  don’t end up being worth the price, neither visually nor taste-wise.  I was inspired to seek creative wedding cake alternatives in reaction to a cake tasting appointment during which my mother and I were presented with a platter of an array of chocolate options. This, you should know, was after I had indicated that I do not like chocolate. I walked away from that ridiculous experience knowing immediately that the traditional wedding cake, stacked high in it’s stilted glory, was not for me.

After exploring the options, we decided that we would instead serve pie.
Pie, that old friend, is closer to my heart anyway.
Pie, to me, embodies southern hospitality.
The price of pie doesn’t lead one to hope that it’ll arrive slathered in gold.

The decision to go with pie was the easy part, how to display them was the real challenge. I saw this as yet another way to step out of the industry’s icing-covered box. I prepared a simple drawing and set out to my parents’ farm to make it happen.

After studying my schematic, my father cut an array of large-diameter cross-sections from the skeleton of a large Oak tree that my grandfather had put down and hauled to their land. These were to be the serving surfaces. With a saw in tow we then marched out into the woods to find the perfect forked tree to serve as the weight-bearing portion. Continue reading